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Winter Warmer Mood Board

Design, Mood Boards / Off / May 31, 2018

Break out the blankets, hot water bottles, and fire up the heater, winter is here. Admittedly, we’re bigger fans of summertime –  but there are some perks to this chilly weather we are loving!

Richer and bolder colours. Spicier and more intense scents. And that crisp, cool clarity in the air. This is how winter traditionally comes to life, and here’s how can you harness these seasonal delights to bolster your campaigns, social feeds, offices or brick-and-mortar stores this season.  

Colours play a important role in your mood. The physiological reaction to colours can impact how people receive your campaign or how they feel when they walk in your door – so let’s brighten up these bland, grey days with pops of colour.

My winter favourites for 2018 are:

  • Burgundy expresses energy, strength and healing properties
  • Mustard or amber shades are associated with sunshine, joy and optimism
  • Nudes and beige helps balance and bring a sense of calm


While we’re not suggesting you re-brand with every season, but you can definitely explore these types of colours with your next winter campaign to help engage people on a higher level than just using words alone. The imagery you use plays a big role in first impressions on all platforms, particularly social media. Add some highlight colour pops in your Insta feed to transcend beyond the screen and have your followers feeling those warm feels in line with the weather outside.

To align colours with your personal brand, pick a few essential pieces for your wardrobe or office and highlight with hints of burgundy, mustard or nude. These tones are more than just pretty shades that look fab, they can visually make you (or your space) look warmer. Imagine the impact that can have on a customer coming in from a frosty morning – the immediate impact of warmth they get will spread to create a beautiful first impression!

People stay 44% longer in businesses that small good. FACT!
Create a sensory experience for your clients or customers as soon as they walk through the door by filling your office/meeting room/waiting area with candles or essential oils. Think cinnamon, cloves and spices or even these delicious hot jam doughnut candles from The Prospect Project.

There are so many beautiful local candles in Perth that look great and smell even better, and an inviting scent can help change someone’s mood instantly!  

As we walk through an aroma, our sense of smell is one of the most powerful ways to invoke nostalgia – department stores have been filling our nostrils with subtle hints of baby powder (a comforting scent for the newborn section), coconut (bikini/luggage sections) and lilac (lingerie).

Think jam doughnuts at the Royal Show, mulled wine in a log cabin, toasting marshmallows by the campfire – those beautiful smells of winter can be packaged into a gorgeous candle or oil diffuser to help you create an experience for your customers.

Creating a warm cosy environment will bring people back time and again. Making the space look inviting but practical too – add some texture and warmth with fluffy throws and blankets. Giving a client a facial? Pop an electric blanket on the bed with a heavy, warm blankie to enhance their experience.

We love this fluffy stool – definitely an #officeneed right?

Tea… need I say more? Our favourite thing in the world. The weather can be an excuse to have another cup or two, but rather than saving this sweet indulgence for yourself, offer your clients or customers a warm drink while they’re waiting. Create a little menu or display the options in a beautiful way, and present it in a beautiful set that echoes your brand. Small gestures like this go a long way to make customers feel valued.

A great team treat to get you warmed up from the inside out is a couple glasses of mulled wine, because wine not? Infused with spices and served warm, this drink will have you feeling amazing in no time!

So, time to go light your candles, make that cup of tea, turn on your electric blankets, and brighten up your colour scheme. Use the chilly temperatures to make for a sensory experience, boosting your business and personal brand recognition by leaving a lasting impression.

It might be fresh AF outside, but you have the opportunity to warm your clients from the inside out – use it!
Check out my Winter Warmer Mood Board!


Blog crafted lovingly by Ali (D) Collier, Senior Designer.

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