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Making marketing magic & helping brands discover their why.

In the evolution of the alphabet, ‘and’ was included as the 27th letter. From A – Z ‘and per se &’. The ampersand. It is a character with distinct meaning; of close collaboration and partnership.

In film, the ampersand represents a closer collaboration than ‘and’. Two authors joined with ‘&’ collaborated on the script, while two authors joined with ‘and’ may never even have spoken.

At AmpersandMC, every project is a collaboration. Not your work, and ours. Your work & ours, together.

The hidden story of the ampersand is one of creativity, collaboration and adaptation. So is ours.

Every character has a story, let’s tell the world yours.


Our people

are a huge part of what we do


  • Amazing company to work with! I have worked with “many advertising and marketing companies in my time but none were as responsive as Ampersand. They dug further into my business than expected and delivered results beyond my expectations. I can’t recommend them more highly! If your still not sure, one meeting with them and you will be convinced. They have my business for life.
    – Adam Grootveld, National Key Account Manager – Retail | Distribution Media Pty Ltd
  • All about their clients and their outcomes, what else is there to say? Sometimes it can be difficult collaborating on a project with businesses in the same industry – but NOT with these guys. We have successfully collaborated on multiple projects now and even though they have an awesome team of in house designers themselves they made the whole process a dream. And the results are powerful. Culture is king in business – and Ali has her team right where they need to be to best service their clients and community. Team Ampersand all the way!!
    – Kerrie Allen, Guerrilla Establishment
  • I engaged with Ali & her team to create a marketing & PR strategy for me towards the end of last year, and in a nutshell I couldn’t be happier with what they produced. Ali & the team have the perfect balance of knowledge, creativity and professionalism and made me feel very important every step of the way. I have already recommended AmpersandMC to a number of my clients and will continue to do so in future. Oh, and the muffins were awesome. Thanks guys x
    – Lanna Hill, Director, One Small Step Business Coaching
  • Ali and her team of absolute magicians. Passionate, driven and all about putting fun and verve into all that they do. They have taken the smallest of ideas for the branding of my business and turned it into a cohesive and dynamic theme which is dripping with Wow Factor! Could not ask for a better squad to collaborate with. The guys at AmpersandMC are a dream.
    – Paul Watts, Alchemy Automotive Detailing