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In the evolution of the alphabet, ‘and’ was included as the 27th letter. From A – Z ‘and per se &’. The ampersand.

It is a character with distinct meaning; of close collaboration and partnership.

In film, the ampersand represents a closer collaboration than ‘and’. Two authors joined with ‘&’ collaborated on the script, while two authors joined with ‘and’ may never even have spoken. At ampersand, every project is a collaboration. Not your work, and ours. Your work & ours, together.

The hidden story of the ampersand is one of creativity, collaboration and adaptation. So is ours.

Every character has a story, let’s tell the world yours.


Strategic Marketing Campaigns

In this fast paced, always evolving environment, it can be difficult to know where your marketing opportunities lie.

Are you spending your time on every social media channel under the sun or paying for marketing without seeing any results?

We’ve created a unique approach to marketing and communication strategies that will ensure we get to know every facet of your business, target market and avatars and industry environment, so we can produce real, results driven opportunities for your short to long term business objectives.

Either as a part of your ongoing strategy or a one off project, our strategic team will make sure you’re getting the marketing you actually need, delivering the right mix of:

  • Social media and digital marketing
  • Content creation and copywriting
  • Public relations and media planning
  • Database, direct and email communication
  • Plus any other relevant opportunities that arise after a comprehensive review of your business and industry is conducted

Marketing Partnerships

A revolutionary way to do marketing.

We’ve created our marketing partnerships so that you can have access to the best of the best, without having to pay through the roof for it. Strategic planners, web developers, graphic designers, copywriters and more, make up the in-house marketing team at AmpersandMC.

Your dedicated Marketing Coordinator will work with you as an integrated part of your business to give you the benefit of an outsourced marketing resource, without the ongoing overhead of a full time in-house marketing team. We can manage full or partial implementation of your marketing strategy, depending on your in-house capabilities.

Websites & Digital Marketing

We make websites. Beautiful, intuitive, modern, easy to use, easy to manage, flexible, fast, secure and SEO friendly websites.

What’s more, they’re affordable. Transparency and honesty are everything to us – we won’t quote you on a $30k website if that’s not what you need. We spend the time getting to know you and your business, so we can put together that most effective website solution for your needs (and your customers!).

Branding Identity

Who are you? You are not just your products, you are a brand, you have an identity. Do your customers see that?

Branding is more than just your business name and a logo for your products. Together with tone of voice, colours, style and imagery, your Brand Identity creates your story. We want to take your audience on an adventure, make them understand who you are so they want to be involved in your business and share in your love for your products and services – because they’re awesome!

The combination of your brand, powerful content and well curated images speak to your audience cohesively, making a brand work. One does not work without the other.

Our people

are a huge part of what we do