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Keep Calm and Carry on Facebooking!

Social Media / Off / March 12, 2015

Concerned your Facebook page “Likes” are going to drop after today? Don’t be!

A recent news article on the Facebook blog has confirmed suspicions that changes to the popular networking site may lead to a drop in ‘Likes’ for business and fan pages – but it’s not as drastic as people will have you believe.

Facebook have announced the changes will mean any ‘Likes’ received from now deactivated or memorialised pages will be removed from your total page count. Whilst this may seem concerning for some, for most of us it will actually have very little impact other than to create a more accurate reflection of our engaged and interested followers, increasing the value of data analytics and marketing on the site.

Facebook notes two key reasons for the changes; Business Results and Consistency. As the site already removes comments and likes from inactive pages, removing inactive accounts from page audience data should keeps things consistent, as well as give businesses more accurate insights on followers drawing a distinction between accounts that have merely liked the page and people who actively follow it.

 “Businesses use Page audience data to understand what their followers care about. To make audience data even more meaningful for businesses, we’re updating the way Page likes are counted,” says the blog post.

So, there is no need to be concerned! Likes that disappear from your Facebook page are those from already inactive accounts, meaning the change won’t negatively affect your reach or page activity. The only change you could potentially see is a small dip in likes and whilst this may seem daunting, an inactive page has to have been physically deactivated rather than someone who rarely uses the site – meaning you shouldn’t lose many likes at all!

One aspect that is unclear however, is how this will affect any pages who have ‘bought’ likes through click-farms or similar. Popular social networking application Instagram recently made a similar move in an effort to remove spam and ‘fake’ accounts, causing even some of the biggest name celebrities to lose millions of followers overnight – but for most people, there was no change at all. So whilst this may or may not happen to some, in the long run it’s a good thing for Facebook and your future social media campaigns!

From a marketing perspective, the changes should indeed make the data on Facebook more consistent and up to date, but in many cases will have little to no impact at all.

Facebook also noted any accounts that are voluntarily deactivated or memorialised going forward will be removed from a Page’s like count, however if any such pages are reactivated, all their likes and comments will be reinstated.

We urge you not to worry about this update and instead look forward to more accurate analytics! But if you are concerned about your Facebook page, feel free to contact us and we can discuss further.

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