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Brand Crush!

Brand Crush, Branding, Design, Marketing / Off / July 10, 2018

I admit it.
I have an unashamedly huge crush.
On a brand…

Come on, you’d be lying if you said you’ve never had a brand crush either. Think about it – has there ever been a brand that you just love everything about? Of course their product or service offering is an important pillar of your crush, but it’s so much more than that. It’s their graphics, their tone of voice, their social media feeds, website and everything else in between.

A brand crush occurs when the trifecta of product x brand x marketing come into alignment to create an irresistible combination of goodness.

Without even trying the product my brand crush was selling, I was hooked (but as a side note: the products are AMAZING as well).

Ok, enough with the suspense. You must be wondering who I’m talking about…*drum roll please…*

I’m fangirling hard over Go-To Skincare – the brain child of former beauty edit and all-round legend, Zoë Foster Blake.

I came across Go-To a few years back when doing research into great websites. As soon as the peachy goodness loaded up on my screen, I just knew there was something about this company that was different to all others.

Their brand personality just oozed quirkiness and they seemed to achieve that allusive extra mile we always talk about. Absolute marketeers dream.

Their website has so many little nuggets of goodness from the ‘win a trip to Bali’ link that opens a YouTube video of Rick Astley, to their use of customised emojis and – on a more strategic level – strong, captivating content.

Oh, and I can’t forget about this little slider that has convinced me to spend that little bit extra to get free shipping on more than one occasion, and I bet I’m not the only person it’s convinced!

Even their order confirmation emails contain their signature humour. There’s no such thing as a resident wizard who sends packages via spells, Go-To! (or is there?!)

And the LOLs don’t stop there. It translates all the way from the screen to their actual products as well. Each product contains the standard directions for use plus some additional pun-liners:

this product will not: teach you how to tap dance/embarrass you in front of your friends/tell bad jokes at a dinner party/etc’ snippets that just elevate the brand from ordinary to extraordinary.

Do yourself a favour and head over to their Instagram or Facebook channels to see what engaging, passionate and en pointe marketing looks like!

How to Apply:

‘Ok, ok, we get it Gabby – you love Go-To and everything they do, but how does that help me and my business?’ – literally everyone reading this blog.

Five tips for becoming a #brandcrush brand:

  1. Know your USP (unique selling proposition)
    Stop getting hooked up on what your competitors are doing well (or not so well). Find what makes you genuinely different and stick to it!
  2. Keep it consistent
    Every single brand touch point should be singing the same song, so no matter where your potential customer goes, they’re getting the same message. From your social pages to your website, your physical stores to your product packaging… e’erythaaaang should have a strong consistency and connection which is undeniably YOU!
  3. Share your brand story
    Who are you (as a brand), where did you come from, why do you exist?  These things all build the foundations of your brand and can help you connect with your customers. People buy from people – so if you have some cool facts and stories about why you do what you do, share them!
  4. Create a product/service that people love
    Sounds easy, right? But so many products and services just miss the mark on this one. If you think your product/service is something that people need in their lives, then find out why they can’t live without it and market your product based on that (outcomes over features).
  5. Know your ideal customer
    I’ll give you a hint, your ideal client isn’t ‘everyone’. You need to get granular with this and really know who you’re talking to, so that your message cuts through and connects with the right people. You can find more on discovering your ideal avatar in my Ampersand Says blog here.


Blog crafted lovingly by Gabby Mannella, Marketing Manager. 

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