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Bluebird the perfect Muse for New Website

Clients & Collaborations, Design, Digital / Off / July 24, 2014

Bluebird WebsiteRecently at AmpersandMC we were tasked with creating a website for our client Bluebird Childcare in Busselton, a great opportunity for us to get really creative and have fun with our designs. Bluebird have a very playful and child-friendly branding, inspiring us to get in touch with our inner 3 year old to create something really special that would appeal to both parents and children alike. To build the website we chose to use software Adobe Muse for the first time, and we’re pretty proud of how everything turned out!

The Design

To reflect the cartoon-like theme of the logo and the fun style of Bluebird Childcare, we needed to create a website that would be visually stimulating, interactive and fun, yet professional. The Bluebird Childcare philosophy is to provide a “home away from home” and a natural, friendly and caring environment. Working with this idea we used a birdhouse as the focus on the homepage, inviting visitors into the Bluebird home to meet the team, read about Bluebird’s childcare services and find out what’s new at their three centres.

Our design guru Alison “Ali D.” Collier did an amazing job creating each of the design elements in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

“After searching for inspiration and looking through websites created using Muse I sketched out my ideas for the new site and started designing the elements such as leaves, trees, wooden signs and the birdhouse,” says Ali D. “I mostly used the pen tool and shape builder tool in Illustrator to draw the vector elements, adding shadows or textures in Photoshop afterwards if needed.”

Each element is exported out as a png or jpeg, then easily imported into theMuse website to create the overall design.

The Functionality

Working in Muse was a challenge to get used to at first, however once we had the design sorted, putting things into place was a much easier process than anticipated. For someone who is familiar with the Abobe suite such as Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, Muse is not too different. It is very similar to using InDesign in the sense that you can work with layers and use the type, shape and other tools as you would in other Abobe programs. It was also relatively easy to adjust the designs for the mobile optimised version, an awesome added bonus we could provide to Bluebird.

There were plenty of tutorials to give a helping hand, but Ali D. said she found the best way to learn was simply by trial and test.

“The hardest part is shifting into ‘Muse-mode’ and getting used to where various tools and shortcuts are, similar to if you were switching between Photoshop and Illustrator.”

In terms of creating a website without learning the HTML language or ‘coding’, Muse would definitely be one of the most flexible and design focused programs to use. Although Muse would not be our first choice for content heavy or eCommerce sites, it definitely worked well for the Bluebird Childcare website, as it’s flexibility meant we could create a design rich website without the constraints of tricky HTML coding or template restrictions.

The Finished Product

The website was launched in late June in a proud moment for all involved – Bluebird Childcare now have their very own custom designed and super cute (if we do say so ourselves) home on the world wide web. Director and owner of Bluebird childcare Jane says she is extremely pleased with the website.

“We were actually in shock when we first saw the draft design – it so perfectly matched our vision and how we wanted to express our brand.” Says Jane.

“We are just over the moon with its visual impression and the content is enough to give people a real feel for what we are about. The website definitely transfers the feelings and nature of the Bluebird Centres onto a computer screen and the layout of the website is simple to read and very user friendly. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product and the professional service that AmpersandMC provide – you’ll be so impressed with a website for your business created and developed by AmpersandMC!”

We’re not usually ones to blow our own trumpet, but we’re pretty stoked with comments like that!

To trial the Muse Software, check out the Adobe website.

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