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AmpersandSays: What To Post On Each Social Media Outlet

AmpersandSays, Social Media / Off / August 11, 2017

Oh hey, you! Our social media guru, Ads, is dishing out some hot tips on the type of content you should be posting on your social media networks.

Just like no two brands are alike, no two social media networks are the same, either. Users are looking for different experiences and purposes on each platform, and it’s up to YOU to understand and provide them with that experience.

As a brand, focus on what your audience is engaging with. Throughout your social media journey, keep track of your insights and follow these handy tips to improve your posting game.

FACEBOOK: Quotes | Questions | Behind the scenes | Blog posts | Videos.

INSTAGRAM: Product photos | Quotes | Collaborations | GIFs.

TWITTER: Announcements | Vine Videos | Live tweeting events | Industry news | Quotes | Curated content | Blog posts

LINKEDIN: Job listing | Group posts & discussions | Share your expertise | Status updates | Tips, tricks & how-tos | Industry related content

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