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AmpersandSays: What Are You Actually Selling? I’ll Give You a Hint, It’s Not a Product or Service

AmpersandSays / Off / May 29, 2017

To begin our #ampersandsays series, we have our very own chief marketeer Alison Balch sharing about her expertise in marketing psychology and how your brand can benefit from it. Keep reading to find out more…

Just like Panadol isn’t selling you medication and Disneyland isn’t selling you theme park rides, you’re not just selling a product or service to your customers. You’re selling an experience.

Panadol sells the ability to enjoy your day pain free. “When pain is gone, life takes it place”, not a green and white tablet that’s easy to swallow.

Disneyland sells the creation of memories with your family. “The Happiest Place on Earth”, not the best rollercoasters.

Refine your brand communications to think about the emotions behind what you’re selling. Forget the features and benefits in the first instance, you need to capture how your product or service is going to make someone’s life better. .

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