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AmpersandSays: Three Tips To Writing The Perfect Instagram Caption

AmpersandSays, Social Media / Off / July 12, 2017

Happy hump day! Our social media goddess, Ads, brings you some helpful tips on how to write the perfect Instagram caption.

1️⃣COLLABORATE: Does your pic showcase a brand or product you love? Whether it’s your fave wine, jumper, magazine or something else, tag them in your caption so they know you love them. Tag them in the photo to share in the insta-love!

2️⃣PROOF READ: So basic. So important! Spelling and grammar can make or break a consumer’s perception of your brand. Our #protip is to read all your captions out loud or ask a friend to proof read as well.

3️⃣HASHTAG: You get up to 30 hashtags in your post… use them! As @brooke_villamanagement said, “If Channel Seven offered you a 30 second ad, would you only take up 10 seconds?” However! To avoid looking spammy and desperate, only use five in your main caption, and put the rest in your first comment.

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