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AmpersandSays: Think Before You Type

AmpersandSays / Off / August 25, 2017

This week’s #ampersandsays is from our pink haired bombshell, Gabby.

You know when you have something you really want to say, so you just say it?

We’re all guilty of this from time to time… typing without thinking. But what is there to think about, you ask. Well, your avatars of course!

Remember back to my last post where you created your ideal customer? Well, along with your avatar comes a unique communication method, and it’s not what you want to say… it’s what they want to know and hear.

So if your avatar is a millennial, you’ll be talking to them a hell of a lot differently to if they were a baby boomer. The same message can be conveyed differently through language and imagery.

So next time you go to create content, stop and thinking ‘what would my avatar want to know/hear.’

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