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AmpersandSays: Instagram Don’ts For Your Creative Business

AmpersandSays, Social Media / Off / October 6, 2017

Today on #ampersandsays, Ads is tackling Instagram don’ts for your creative business. So, stop what you’re doing, grab some popcorn and keep on readin’. Here are four top tips for your Friday. 

Don’t be a bot. If you’re going to engage with other accounts, be real and make your engagement count. It’s good to share the love but don’t spam other accounts with “follow us back”, “cool pic. please check out our account.” Be real.

Get your schedule on! While Instagram wont actually post for you, you can still use legal platforms like @planolyto schedule your posts in advance.

Don’t post blurry images. This is a no-brainer but #commonsenseisntverycommon. Instagram is a visual platform, so make sure your pics are sharp & sweet, to stop that scrolling thumb in its tracks!

Don’t combine your business account with your personal account. It’s great that your fam-bam and friends follow your business account but unless political rants and loved-up selfies are part of your personal and professional brand, keep them within your inner circle!

That’s all for now folks, stay tuned for our next #ampersandsays post…

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