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AmpersandSays: “If it’s not motivation, it’s friction” – Roger Dooley

AmpersandSays / Off / October 1, 2018

It’s that time of the day where we talk marketing and blow your mind! And this week’s #ampersandsaysfrom our very own Marketeer-in-Chief, Ali Balch, is no exception.

In some instances, friction is a good thing – like when you’re trying to light a matchstick. But in marketing, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Friction is anything that gets in the way of what your consumer is trying to accomplish. For your business, this could be a purchase, download, sign up, transaction or relationship – whatever your end goal, your ‘friction’ is what delays or distracts them from achieving their goal.

We can break this down into industry-level ‘macro-friction’ and product/service level ‘micro-fiction.

Take UBER for example – you don’t need to flag a car, wait for a credit card payment, worry about having cash or a tip. UBER adds industry value at the macro level (an efficient alternative to taxis), and provides an easy-to-use product at the micro-level through the use of technology.

So, take a look at your industry – how is your product or service reducing friction at a macro-level? How are you adding value, elevating quality, forcing competitors to step up for the benefit of your consumer? Now analyse your delivery – how are you reducing micro-friction at every step of your customer journey? Are you making your product or service as EASY as possible to buy and use?

Keen to hear more? Email alison@weareampersand.com.au for details of my favourite book and podcast on the subject. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

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