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AmpersandSays: How Many P’s Do You Need?!

AmpersandSays / Off / September 11, 2017

Once upon a time, there were 4P’s of Marketing.

They were worshipped by the business owner, allowing them to focus on what they wanted to say and bombarding the customer with messages on a product’s features and benefits.

In more recent times, we’ve (thankfully) welcomed four more P’s into the mix.
▪️Physical Environment and
have helped turn the tables for marketing, putting the focus back on the one true king – your Customer!

Where the original P’s focused on your product, the new four help focus on the brand in a more holistic way. It forces business owners to understand their customer more deeply by analysing their pain points and the associated emotions, and demonstrating how the business’ product or service can make the customer’s life better.

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