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AmpersandSays: Haaaaaaaaaaave you met…

AmpersandSays / Off / June 26, 2017

This week’s #ampersandsays is from our avatar expert, Gabby.

Clients and customers are a pretty fundamental element of any business. But do you know who they are? What industry they work in? How they consume their media? How about their likes, dislikes, challenges or pain points?

If yes, give yourself a pat on the back, it’s a good start. But if not, listen in… there’s more.

Creating an avatar is essentially crafting your ideal customer. Going through this process helps you to understand your target market – who they are, where they live, what motivates them and why they have the need (or want) for a brand/product/service like yours. It’ll help you be able to change the conversation from ‘this is what we want to tell them’ to ‘this is what our avatar and in turn, audience, want to hear’. Game changing stuff.

So spend the time to make these observations, do some research, talk to people and then, once you have a good idea of who your ideal avatar should be – write their background and journey to you. Then next time you go to write a blog, post on Facebook, create an ad campaign, pause and consider ‘what would Fred or Amy or Tommy think or want to hear?’

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