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AmpersandSays: Don’t Force Creativity

AmpersandSays, Design / Off / November 28, 2017

This week on #ampersandsays, Miss Ali D talks about her approach to creativity, and why it’s ok to ‘tools down’ when you’re just not feeling it! 

Being creative isn’t about making things pretty. There’s as much creativity in writing your business plan as there is putting together a flyer, social media post or new business cards.

My job as a graphic designer is to understand your brand story and objectives and bring them to life through visual art. For me, creativity comes from inspiration – and having to ‘bring it’ all day every day can be challenging! Sometimes that creative spark just isn’t quite there yet, and you have to respect that.

Rather than forcing yourself to be creative, shake it up.

What makes you feel inspired? How can we reset ourselves and naturally create that wonder and thought process of creativity again?

Whether your inspo comes from a really good coffee, your fave magazine, a smoothie by the beach, or a headstand meditation – find what works for you and let your creativity flow naturally. You (and your customers) will notice the difference when you’re creating from ‘the zone’

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