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AmpersandSays: Could Organic Reach Be On Its Way Out?

AmpersandSays, Social Media / Off / November 14, 2017

Will organic reach soon be a thing of the past? 😯

Another day, another #ampersandsays! Our social media guru has a few insights into the latest feature Facebook is testing in six countries and what that could mean for FB page owners.

👋🏼Oh hey! Ads here. Did you know that your News Feed could potentially be dedicated to only the posts your family and friends share, like or comment on? So where would the relatable memes, funny videos and your fave pages go? I’m glad you asked!

All posts by publishers would be moved to a new (hard-to-find) Explore Feed – which is perfectly fitting, because you will literally have to go exploring to find it. Facebook confirmed that this feature is only in the testing stages, so we can all stay calm for now, knowing that it may not even roll out to the two billion users of the ‘Book.

But what could this mean for Facebook Page Owners? Would organic reach really be dead? Unfortunately, your posts wouldn’t be shown to your followers unless they manually change to their Explore Feed and accidentally scroll into your post which is surrounded by other pages, memes, brands and hilarious animal videos.

Sure, you could also pay your way back to the News Feed with boosted posts and ads, but we understand that not everyone has a budget to do that.


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