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AmpersandSays: Am I Using the Right Design Program?

AmpersandSays, Digital / Off / September 21, 2017

Not sure what program to use for your next project? Our graphic design guru Ali-D gives her tips to making sure you’re using the right one to achieve the results you’re after. 

With so many creative programs out there, it can be overwhelming to know what to use. It’s easy to jump into a new project in one program, only to realise halfway through that it doesn’t have the functionality that you need. So how can you avoid this mistake and save some time?

Follow this guide:
▪️ Adobe Indesign – Use this for layout, multiple pages and text heavy documents. Perfect for printed material like a magazine, brochure, flyer or business cards.

▪️ Adobe Illustrator – Use this to create amazing vector based graphics such as logos, icons or illustrations. These files can be edited, scaled and colours changed.

▪️ Adobe Photoshop – Is an image editing program, so use this to enhance colours in photography, modify size or remove/add certain things into photos.

▪️ Now we know not everyone’s a designer, but there are some easy online programs that can make you feel like one by just a few clicks! @canva makes designing easy and accessible to anyone using quick fun templates, images and fonts (you can even upload your own photos, brand assets and colours) – all you have to do is choose what you want and go!

Now of course, use what ever you feel most comfortable with, but take note, they are different programs for a reason. Now go design like a pro!

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