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AmpersandSays: A Rainbow Isn’t Always Pretty…

AmpersandSays, Design / Off / July 30, 2017

Our graphic design whiz, Miss Ali-D has some hot tips on using colour in your design process.

Colour is super important in design, especially for your brand.

It’s the first thing people see before they’ve even read your business name or know what you’re selling. There are emotional and psychological factors to every colour – so choose wisely!

The key to choosing your brand colours is to tell a story about the business – essentially, it’s your brand’s personality. Keeping the logo to a single colour or a few colours is best – don’t overcomplicate it, make it strong and complementary to your brand story. You can always pick more secondary colours to help support the brand after.

Adobe Kuler is my favourite for colour combo inspo! Although some big brands like Google can pull off the multi-coloured look, keep in mind they’re expressing their playful, fun and multi-disciplinary business through colour perfectly!

Rainbow isn’t always bad, just make sure your colour combo is saying what’s right for your brand!

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